Math2111: Additional resources

In this blog entry you can find lecture notes for Math2111, several variable calculus. See also the table of contents for this course.

In this entry I provide links to additional resources for my current course Math2111 on several variable calculus.

You can find the material most relevant for this course in the posts on this blog.

Here I provide some additional resources which you might find helpful to enhance your understanding of the material. Although it may deepen your understanding, you are NOT required to study any of the additional resources. Further, not all material in the additional resources is relevant for this course and some material covered in the course is not in the additional resources. Furthermore, I have not read all the additional resources, so I do not know about their relevance or correctness.

Lecture notes

Apart from the recommended textbooks there are also a number of lecture notes freely available.

Youtube videos

There is a range of youtube videos concerned with several variable calculus.

Dr. Chris Tisdell recorded his Math2111 lectures last year (2009). These are now freely available on youtube at:

His lecture notes can be found on blackboard. His youtube channel can be found at

which also hosts a range of other material.

There are also other youtube videos on Several Variable Calculus. For instance, you can watch the following lectures.

Here is the first lecture on Several Variable Calculus from MIT.

Here is the first lecture on Several Variable Calculus from UC Berkley.

Here is the first lecture on Multivariable Calculus from UC Berkley (different year than the videos above).

Watch it on Academic Earth

Academic earth

You can find online mathematics lectures on various topics on academic earth at

Further material

If you know of any further useful material you are invited to provide a link in a comment.


2 responses to “Math2111: Additional resources

  1. Christian Silvestro

    Read the first lecture (the one from UC), and it’s pretty good…though way too simple. Best to focus on more relevant material.

  2. I should have pointed out that the material which we are also covering in Math2111 (starting with vector fields, line integrals and so on) starts, I believe, with lecture 3 at UNSW, see here, with lecture 22 at UC, see here, at lecture 19 at MIT, see here. The lectures before that cover material which you have studied already, so you can use them to review this material. None of those lectures covers Fourier series, so we will actually only start next week with this material.

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